Alternative Treatment for Cancer

Scientifically Supported Alternative Cancer Treatment

A cancer diagnosis is devastating, but it does not have to be a death sentence.  Educated persons who receive a diagnosis are aware that there are options for treatment.  An alternative cancer treatment can be used to complement mainstream medicine; some patients even choose to use an alternative treatment for cancer as their only treatment.


Controlled Amino Acid Therapy

Many patients with cancer turn to the use of the alternative cancer treatment Controlled Amino Acid Therapy (CAAT) to enhance the quality of their lives.  CAAT is a non-toxic therapy that enables the body to fight cancer using its own mechanisms with no side effects.  This alternative cancer treatment is designed to be used as a stand-alone treatment or to be used in conjunction with standard cancer treatments, such as traditional chemotherapy and/or radiation treatments, to enhance the anti-cancer effects and even lessen the side effects of the standard treatments.

The A.P. John Institute for Cancer Research was founded in 1978.  Since then, it has been a leading alternative cancer research institute focused on the investigation the role of amino acids in cancer cells and the study of how they differ from that role in normal, non-cancerous cells.  The research conducted led to the development of CAAT.  The institute has used the CAAT program since, either in combination with radiation therapy and/or chemotherapy or by itself, in very advanced cancer patients since 1994.

Research has shown that amino acid deprivation therapy has had positive results in the treatment of cancer.  CAAT is an amino acid and carbohydrate deprivation therapy designed to scientifically and strategically alter or impair the development of cancer cells by using the chemical reactions and interactions of amino acids, foods, and nutritional supplements to interfere with the basic requirements of cell formation: structure, energy, blood vessels, growth hormones, and functions.

The Controlled Amino Acid Therapy is an effective, non-toxic, alternative nutritional program that attacks cancer cells in four ways.

  • It helps to prevent new blood vessel formation.  This helps to block the growth of solid cancers.
  • It blocks the glycolysis process in cancer cells.  This interferes with the cancer cells ability to produce energy.
  • It reduces the ability of the body to produce growth factors that stimulate cancers to grow.
  • It interferes with specific amino acid production that is necessary for DNA replication in cancer cells.

The nutritional programs are developed in cooperation with a patient’s oncologist or with the patient’s alternative medicine physician.  A personalized, low-carbohydrate diet is developed for each patient.  A patient’s cancer cells are starved to death through a supply of a proprietary blend of amino acids and a manipulated diet.

An effective CAAT alternative cancer treatment program consists of three components:

  • Strict diet
  • Special amino acid blend dependent on the type of cancer being treated
  • Nutritional supplements

The simplicity of the components is the reason that CAAT does not interfere with conventional cancer treatment therapies.  Whether CAAT is combined with chemotherapy or utilized alone, it has been shown to stop tumor growth, reduce tumor size, and even eliminate tumors all while improving the quality of life of the patient.  The benefits of CAAT are especially promising for use on inoperable cancer that has spread through the body.

Who is A. P. John?

Angelo P. John Sr. was a molecular biologist and cancer scientist with a commitment to cancer research.  He worked in cancer research at the Sloan-Kettering Institute for Cancer Research in New York City and he also operated his own research laboratory for almost two decades.  He founded the A. P. John Institute for Cancer Research in 1978.  In all, according to the A.P. John Cancer Institute web site, he spent 45 years researching, pioneering, and validating some of the most advanced clinically proven protocols for the treatment of cancer.

A. P. John Institute for Cancer Research

The A. P. John Institute for Cancer Research is a premier organization dedicated to continuous research about how cancer cells come into existence, subsist, and die to continue to supply evidence of the effectiveness of the CAAT protocol.  The institute hopes to perform a large, scientifically conducted clinical study in order to obtain FDA approval.  FDA approval will allow the CAAT protocol to be available to a much larger number of patients with cancer.  This is important since this therapy is much less expensive that standard anti-cancer treatments and it can effectively be used with the standard treatments or as a stand-alone treatment.

A patient should consider all cancer treatment options, including choices in alternative treatment for cancer.  With scientific evidence that shows reduced tumor size, halted tumor growth, and improvement in quality of life, alternative cancer treatment, such as CAAT, does help.  CAAT has helped patients in many parts of the world including the United States, Canada, Europe, South America, India, and New Zealand.

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